How Opera Helped Me To Fund My Website For One Year


The urged to become a blogger was deep rooted in me. I love to read a lot, especially on Opera News App. I also write but I still lack the basics for blogging. This is because blogging is a very technical and tasking profession. It needs a lot of writing techniques and experience. One certain day in January 2020, I came across Opera news hub creator.

It was an accidental occurrence. I mostly see blogs added to Opera News App. But I never noticed there was something like a hub creator until that faithful day. So I clicked on one of the hub creators and I saw their profile. I was surprised that something like that existed on Opera news.

I decided to make my research. I google it to find out the meaning of hub creators. Surprisingly, i discovered it was a mini blogging platform created to assist aspiring writers to share their experience in addition earning a token.

I gathered all my findings and decided to apply for a hub creator. I saw the form on google. I filled in my details and applied. After a few days, it was approved. I was happy that I was ready to write as a hub creator. I submitted my first article and it was approved. At that time, it had only a single image.

Subsequently, I submitted more articles and it was approved. I learnt a lot in terms of writing, arranging and presentation of my articles. At that period in time when articles was rejected, we were given an opportunity to revise and resubmit. It was a wonderful experience to see your articles shown on the first page of Opera news.

Sometimes friends don't even believe I wrote all these articles. Day in day out, I continued to grow in terms of my writing experience. The rejections, the revisions and the constant reminders built me up to be a better writer.

The quest to have a personal blog was still in my mind. I wanted to write more and to express myself in my own way. I wanted to create my own niche in the blogging world by owning my own blog. So I took it upon myself to register my own blog. But my stumbling block was money. Opening a blog entails a lot of expenditure.

In order to open a blog, a person needs money to buy a website and to pay for subscription for hosting the blog. Another thing is one need money to design the blog for it to be more effective and meet up to the standard of blogs around the globe.

I decided to work hard on my Opera hub news account to earn money to launched my own blog. After writing for three months, I was ready to have my blog. I started by paying for a one year subscription for a website. Secondly, I went over to pay three months hosting plan . Lastly I employed a web designer to organised my blog for me.

Gradually, I started gaining more experience in blogging while I still write for Opera News Hub. For the past one year, I have been using my earnings from Opera News Hub to pay for my hosting plan. It has been a very fulfilling experience being part of the success story of Opera. I wasn't able to be amongst the top earners. But my blog is going places, gaining prominence and I was earning to pay for my hosting plan.

Opera News Hub will always be part of my success story now and in the future. It helped me to established my blog. It also helped me to fulfilled my dream of becoming a blogger. I project to be amongst the top bloggers in Nigeria in the nearest future. Happy anniversary Opera News.