The Country That Punished Its Judicial System For Criticising The Government


The judiciary is the branch of government which administers justice according to law. The term is used to refer broadly to the courts, the judges, magistrates, adjudicators and other support personnel who run the system. The courts apply the law, and settle disputes and punish law-breakers according to the law. Our judicial system is a key aspect of our democratic way of life.

(photo of the president of Kenya and The Former Chief Justice)

The country that punished the judges and prosecutors.

Poland judges and prosecutors were moved to lower courts, demoted, had cases taken away and told to appear before disciplinary panels in several cases.

The disciplinary actions took place after the prosecutors and judges criticized, questioned or appeared to negatively comment on the controversial reforms.

Can judges overrule Parliament?

Generally, the courts cannot overrule its legislation and no Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change.

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