Details Emerge of a Plan To Kick Uhuru Out Of Jubilee Party Leadership


The ruling Jubilee party has been facing wrangles with key of Ruto allies kicked out of powerful positions in the party.

They gave been accused of trying to intimidate the party leadership by going against some of the decisions the party which is led by Uhuru has been making.

Just recently Soy member of Parliament Caleb Kositanyi joined the long list of Jubilee party rebels after he was kicked out of his Deputy Secretary General position in the party.

With all the frustration Ruto and his allies have been facing in the party, many have been hoping that they will call it quits and resign from the party.

This has however not have been the case since they have put on a brave show.

Details have now emerged showing that there silence could be part of a major scheme to kick Uhuru out of the Party's leadership.

As reported by the Sunday Nation today, it has emerged that Ruto allies are now plotting to take over the party from Uhuru.

Soy member of Parliament while speaking tos the Nation has revealed that they will keep on calling for the party to conduct internal elections.

They are sure that after the elections, they will take country of the party and this would be the end of intimidation in the ruling party.

Kositanyi has also ruled out any possibility o them resigning from the party they helped to build.

This comes as the part's new Deputy Secretary General Kutunyi has read a riot act to all rebels threatening them that they will be forced out of the party if they continue undermining the party's leadership structure.

According to Kutunyi, any Jubilee party member tired of the party should simply resign and seek a fresh mandate with his or her electorate.