Opinion: Reason Why Your Relationship Keep Failing As A Lady


Alot of ladies out there are wondering why they keep attracting wrong type of men, many have been in a different relationships and it end up the same way, no matter the level of their contributions, supports and commitment to the relationship.

Some ladies have concluded that marriage is not for them, some feel the world is against them, while some feel like God hates them.

If you find yourself repeatedly having failed relationship, then you seriously need to check these areas of your life that is likely contributing to it.

Your thoughts as a lady determine your relationship or marital success, some ladies see men as scum, cheat and the same, by doing this, they have thought about how marriage will be hard, they have had a lot of negative dispositions in their heart about relationships and marriage.

Doing this is like placing harm on yourself, you need to have deep knowledge of the power of thought, It is not until you say it that it starts taking effect.

Now to the words of our mouth, words are very powerful too on their own. The power of life and death is in the tongue. 

At all times you should mind what you say. Even if what you are seeing is trying to contradict God's promises you have read, still try to stay on the right word and confess it. 

When others are saying men are scum let your confession be that there is a godly man out there for me, and let your words be that there is a man out there that will be a favor to me.

You have thought it, you have confessed it but you are not living it. You want a godly relationship, you know the right thing to do but you are just practicing witchcraft because you want to practice 5 ways to make him miss you. 

You know that a successful relationship needs both partners to give their all to each other but you are busy advocating that a man should love a woman more and you are busy staving your partner of the love they need.

Please tell me how that relationship will not keep ending. You say you want it, you want it badly, you will do anything to have it but the moment you finally have it you start treating it as if it's not important to you. You can say you love him but you make him cry and always in pain because of your selfish desires. 

If you want your next relationship or your current relationship to stand the test of time then you must ensure that these three areas of your life are in alignment.

Let what you are thinking be your confession and let your action manifest your confession. Let us see that your mindset is seen in your words and your words are seen in your actions.

Try this if you are currently dating and you will see a massive change in your relationship. 

If you are single try this and you will see your next relationship will be your last before you become a Mrs. 

Remember your thought becomes your words and your words become your action but if these things are not consistent you will remain unstable.

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