Guys Don’t Expect The Feminists To Be Quiet When A Woman Becomes Successful.

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Guys, know that the feminists won't keep quiet when a woman becomes successful. They'll rub it on our faces and accuse us of drawing women back just as it's happening right now. 

To avoid all that in the future, let's all learn to marry successful women. 

Harris' husband didn't do foko. He married a successful woman who went on to become VP. Learn from that. Stop marrying that broke girl thinking someday you'll make it and put her in a better place. It's BS. Stop marrying below your status thinking you'll be a hero someday by bringing the woman up with you. 

Go for the rich and already made women. They won't ask you for money to do their masters. Go for the old women driving Ferraris, they'll give you a better end. For once, you're permitted to feel tired of carrying broke ass women. Wonso wo kɔ aware pa ɛyɛ. 

They're bashing you and you feel hurt right? Good. 

Now go out there and make a change. Don't marry today thinking you're building a better future with your partner. Wait for God's time. He'll throw a wealthy woman your way and all your troubles will end. 

When you go to church and you pray, don't pray for a submissive wife. A submissive wife can be a witch anyway. Pray for a wealthy woman. Stop sowing seed for a proverb chapter diɛbɛn diɛbɛn wife. Sow a seed for an already made woman. An attorney general material kind of woman. 

You deserve rest bro! You too deserve to be the first gentleman. 

Am I making sense? Or you say poor woman naa na wo pɛ?

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