After Eating Okra, This Is What Happens With Your Body.


Okra, also known as lady’s fingers, is a good source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

Okra has many health benefits including control diabetes, constipation, cancer, bone health etc.

Health Benefits of Eating Okra:

1. Okra is a ideal food for diabetes. Thanks to fiber and other nutrients, okra proves beneficial in normalizing blood sugar in the body, helping with diabetes. Eat okra to control diabetes.

2. Okra is also good for improving eyesight. It is loaded with vitamin A, which improves vision and prevent eye illness.

3. Eating okra help reducing the appearance of scars and acne, and eliminating wrinkles. It also prevent cells from damage.

4. Okra also very excellent for heart health. By regulating cholesterol levels in the blood, okra can prevent clogging of arteries – protecting us from heart diseases like atherosclerosis.

5. Okra has laxative properties. It help to get rid of constipation and removes toxins from the body.

6. Asthma can also be treated by including lady’s fingers in your meals. People diagnosed with asthma are strongly suggested to consume okra.

7. The high antioxidants in okra helps protect the immune system against harmful free radicals and prevent mutation of cells. Okra has anti cancer properties. In one study, a lectin isolated from okra was capable of instigating cell suicide in breast cancer cells. The growth of breast tumor cells was inhibited by a significant 63%.

How to consume okra:

It is important to wash and dry okras before slicing and preparing.

Chop or slice pods for stewing or frying under low heat oil to soften mucilaginous content.

If possible, you can eat raw okra.

Okra Pods can be pickled and preserved.

You can add okra to your favorite salad.

You can also eat okra with your dishes and prepare with your vegetable.

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