5 Strange Things You Would Experience When Your Third Eye Is Opening

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I want to help other people realize that they are much more than they have been told and that they have the capacity to create the life they desire, and I hope that this article will be a means to do so. I'd like to speak to you about the power of your mind since you are an everlasting entity with unlimited potential. I want to give you tools that will help you grow and evolve.

The pineal gland is a small gland located in the center of our brain.

Today, we will be looking at the "third eye", as we did previously. We would discuss some things you would feel when your third eye is opening. Without wasting much time, let's dive in;

The pineal gland is a small gland located in the center of our brain.

1. You begin to question yourself more and more about your life goal.

Since your third eye is waking up, you can start to feel more clearly, for example, the negative energy of your workplace or your relationship or maybe the true intentions of some of your friends or some family members.

This is a transitional period quite normal for your awakening. You wake up to the truth of things, and you see your life very differently.

On the surface, everything can be the same, but it’s like climbing a hill, and now you have a radically new perspective on everything.

2. When you open your third eye, you may feel headaches.

This puts pressure on your temples. It’s normal. It’s also a sign that your pineal gland is developing energetically, so you start channeling your Kundalini energy even more. This energy, also known as "spiritual energy," will rise and accumulate near your pineal gland, activating your third eye.

Your "door" is now open. Sometimes, you may also feel a sensation of heat spreading through your body. Do not worry too much, because there is a good chance that your Kundalini energy is trying to activate other important centers in your body. The reason is that this energy is meant to activate all your chakras by removing the negative obstacles that are on your growth path.

3. You "see" colors and daylight in a completely different way.

All the senses are changed. Colors may look brighter. You can catch strange odors. In addition, you can feel or hear things that "should not really exist." This almost psychotic experience is common for those who have accidentally activated their third eye.

4. You have incredible and lucid dreams.

The kind of dreams you never forget, because you will feel that you can control them and you will be able to realize your true “infinite self”.

These dreams are extremely bright and you will see them as a world of augmented reality. Therefore, your dream world becomes rich with emotions and places and “conversations” sometimes strange. You have the chance to explore and create your own universe.

5. You begin to think more deeply about what is in front of you.

Your old look at things seems superficial and you realize that what you see is only a fraction of what really exists. As a result, you begin to increase “your frequency”, your state of consciousness begins to change.

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