SA Celebrities that you must hate


By Blessing Mhlanga. 27 June 2020

Like it or not, celebrities influence society whether they themselves know it or not. The problem comes in when the influence is negative. Negative influence is that which divides the nation and ruins the values of our society.

Whether you're a celebrity or not, you must be conscious of the type of influence you impact on society. Unfortunately for celebrities, the expectations for them to be exceptional and positive role models is high. This is not our fault either since their careers puts them in the lime light and on the stage of public gaze.

It's important that when a celebrity messes up, society must express their offences and send a clear message that what the celebrity did was unacceptable. We shouldn't glorify celebrities when they do wrong because we will be doing the principles and values of our society a disservice and disgrace.

If a famous celebrity has been convicted of killing his wife, society has a right to stop buying his music, to stop supporting him in any way because he has failed not only his fans but also the entire society.

These are celebrities that deserves to be hated:

1. The abusers

You know them. These are celebrities Who are accused and convicted of abusing their spouses, family members or random strangers.

Their names are always attached to rape, femicide and physical abuse allegations. The likes of Bricks, Oscar Pistorius, Pitch Black Afro and Jub Jub. They don't deserve our love and support anymore.

2. Substance abusers

They may be talented, but their lifestyle is very important to an average fan. Fans want to see the lifestyle a celebrity lives in order to draw inspiration and motivation.

Famous actors, singers, and many other radio and television personalities who abuse drugs and alcohol are not worthy of celebrating.

They are a wrong influence to the young generation. They have too much money and that's why they're spending it on drugs. This is a picture they're painting to our society. We must stop glorifying them.

3. The nude queens

Thanks to social media, nudity has become an acceptable culture. It's not right. Young girls are now forcing themselves to show their nudity online just to have attention and to have more followers.

Some are even resorting to plastic surgery to enlarge or minimize certain parts of their bodies to look like their celebrity. This is a wrong culture and a pathetic influence.

Nudity on social media and on music content shouldn't be used to gain attention and to earn self confidence. You are just perpetuating a culture of immoral and impure sex and sexual lust.

Just because a celebrity is doing it doesn't make it right. It's a shame. So if you are a fan of Zodwa Wabantu and the likes, you need help!

4. Controversy Agents

Agents of controversy aren't worthy to be called celebrities. They're agents of wrong morals, deceptive beliefs and bad influence.

I'm talking about those who posts racist comments, those who date sugar daddies, those who support ideas that divide the nation, the blessers, slay queens and those who are caught up in criminal activities.

Celebrities Who are caught in public fights, or behaving rudely in public should be chastined. We shouldn't support their work because they're irresponsible.

If being gay or lesbian is against the values of our society, why should we support celebrities Who are doing it? If it's rubbish, it remains rubbish!


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