Ntando Duma Buys A Mansion


After a couple of months of Ntando Duma posting a picture of the house that she built her mother, she just shared a picture of the mansion she just built for herself and her daughter.

The Queen actress, Ntando Duma, left a lot of people at a loss for words when she posted a glimps of her new house on her Instagram story. The 25 year old is a new home owner.

She posted this on her Twitter account, “ I’ve been building my house since Feb last year and I’m so glad it is finally done. There’s no one who’s as ecstatic as Sbahle right now. Kunini yalinda ingane yam bakithi.”

The comments section of her tweet flooded with congratulatory messages and people wishing her well with her new home. She did well.

People were particularly pleased with the fact that she built her mother a house first. That shows how much she loves and prioritizes her mother and family.

Ntando does not particularly have a lot of people routing for her. She receives a lot of hate on social media about her acting skills, she also used to get bashed for being a single mother.




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