Little Girl Elicits Strong Emotions After Being Pictured Begging For school Fees From Well-wishers

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Holding a poster and begging passersby for school tuition in Nairobi's Central Business District is the only way Evalyne Wairimu, 15, can return to school.

The adolescent attends Murang'a County's Kihumbu-ini Secondary School. Her mother took her out of school on May 9 due to a Sh22,000 fee deficit. As Nation reports, the young lady left home without her mother's conscience to look for away out of her troubles.

Evalyne's mum, Beatrice Wanjiku, had planned to send her daughter to a more economical institution in Rongai.

She had arranged for her daughter to be admitted to Ereteti Mixed Day Secondary School while she paid the Sh9,440 first-term fees in installments.

The school administration, however, sent Evalyne home after a day at Ereteti Mixed Day Secondary School because her mother had only paid Sh1,000.

They've been knocking on doors since then, requesting donations from friends, family, and well-wishers, with little success.


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