The Final Season of Money Heist Aka "Lacasa De Papel"


Given Money Heist's success, and the characters' personalities, the series's renewal for one more season is no surprise. After all, the Casa de Papel crew has never turned down a chance to pull off a high-stakes robbery. But what will happen in season 5? Will the gang rob the U.S. Mint? Disappear with every ATM on the European continent? Hypnotize the world with a rendition of "Bella Ciao?" We wouldn't put any of these ideas past the Professor.

Personally I like the way characters portray their roles in the Series which definitely makes me to anticipate for the best in this finale release.

here is what fans of the series have to say

"So much to wait knowing that I will watch and complete it in the same day"

"If the end of the square part leaves me eagerly the end of volume one I'm sure it will leave me like this"

What are your thoughts about this final release or what are you really anticipating.