'I am Sorry' Karen Apologizes to Samidoh's Wife and Disclosed How She Helped Her Win a Sh.9m Tender


Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh have been married to his beautiful wife Edith for the past 11 years. The lovely couple have been blessed with two beautiful children.

His family have been on the spotlight after an online battle with Karen Nyamu who is the Mother of his third born child. Karen claims to be fighting for the identity of his son and not breaking Samidoh’s family.

During her interview on a live YouTube Chanel, she apologized to Samidoh's wife. She stated that she wasn’t aware that he was married and she doesn’t intend to hurt her in anyway.

“I don’t hate Edith, I love her and her children so much. I have helped the family register a company that helped them win huge tenders. I helped Edith apply for a Sh. 9 millions tender, which she got,” she said.

She further explained that she would always calm Samidoh down when angry and always told him to receive his wife’s call whenever he declined to pick them. 

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