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Africa's first resident was on Thursday allowed the way in to the city and dispensed the chieftaincy of the city's most respected clan during a lively service.

The way in to the city is an honor offered to regarded occupants and guests.

His Excellency President @CyrilRamaphosa gave and robed in Ivorian conventional attire by Traditional Leadership during his State Visit - the customary pioneers have given President the name Dwasaho, which implies The Great Warrior

Despite the fact that it was Ramaphosa's first visit to Abidjan, his quality was so stacked with conceivable outcomes that the city's residents consented to offer another name and titles unto him.

Albeit the training might seem self-assertive to certain, its imagery can't be denied.

It took a stupendous service, with a metal band, individuals from varying backgrounds and the customary heads of the country's clans to convey the honor that the main South African state visit to the Ivory Coast genuinely checks.

Ramaphosa said that this was huge in the structure of relations between the two nations.

"This function giving me this robe is magnificent. I never thought in my life that I would wear a crown yet I never felt that I would likewise wear an accessory with an elephant. An elephant is an emblem of my family, so thank you for providing me with a symbol of my family. Presently this in numerous ways likewise demonstrates our normal family. I feel extremely associated with individuals of Cote d'Ivoire on the grounds that we realize that we as Africans who are in the south begun in this piece of Africa. We are one of you," Ramaphosa said.

On Thursday, Ramaphosa ventured to say that this was among the best distinctions he had at any point gotten.

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