"Fundi Kasahau": Reactions As Nana From Zora Series Shared This Photo


Fashion and dressing is one of the areas that has really evolved over the years. You will find something extraordinary designed by fashionistas that delights people.

In today's photo update, Nana from the famous television drama series Zora, was seen dripping with cuteness as she wore his jeans. The pockets of the trousers were seen popping out. This made some people to think that probably she wore it inside out. Contrary to that, she was actually putting it on in the right way.

Jackie Matubia also known as Nana is known for her impeccable taste when it comes to fashion and beauty products. Most people who understood her dressing today showered her with admiration.

One of her directors in the show, Tindo Mwanzele hilariously commented on the photo asking her if the tailor forgot how to ment her trousers.

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