Things that will not cause you a miscarriage if you do them

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There are things beyond your control which will cause you a miscarriage. Such are things related to genetic health problems, placental abnormalities or problems which develop with the baby as it grows in the womb. Also, as the mother gets older so does the risk increase.

Above this, there are other causes of miscarriages that result from your indulgence in certain things. Among them is alcohol consumption, smoking, doing drugs etc. Misuse of substance is a common contributor to many miscarriages experienced by pregnant women. Other than that, they may also lead to abnormal development of the featus which may lead to various complications even if the baby is born.

But some things are good for you as a woman. For such will guarantee you joy and happiness during pregnancy. Such will not risk your heath or that of your child however much you engage yourself with. Such things include:


Sexual relations with your partner or with any other party will not lead to a miscarriage. Unless you have been advised otherwise by your doctor its safe to enjoy yourselves during pregnancy. But be careful not to contract STIs if you are having more than one partner in your life for this may lead to other health complications that may put your life and that of the baby at risk.


Even though stress may be harmful to yourself, it will not harm your child. Its possible that your other activities may be affected by this but your baby remains safe.


Its long been thought that when you eat pepper or other spices in your food it will affect your child or even cause a miscarriage. But over time scientific studies have shown that spices will not harm you during pregnancy.

Work out and lifting weights

You are free to engage in your favorite exercises in order to keep fit while still carrying your baby in the womb. This will even prepare you well when it comes to delivery. Excersing will help the mother in flexing her muscles and strengthening her body to withstand the crucial moments of delivering. Always keep in mind that you may need a tactician to help you with that.


As a mother, working will give you more advantage as it will help you excerse your body. You stand a better chance of ease delivery unlike the one who is hesitant to undertake any kind of chores. Do not overwork but always try your best to do something so you dont get fatigued sitting at one place.


While many still consider it a risk, Scientifically it remains a mytht until proven otherwise. Fly as much as you want because you risk nothing doing so. You are safe.

Lastly remember to eat a balanced diet and always follow your doctors advise in order to ensure a safe and healthy delivery.

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