Checkout The Difference Between Leopard And Jaguar

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Comparing leopards vs jaguars can be tricky, as both these cats have black spots and belong to the genus Panthera under the family Felidae. Like all other big cats, leopards and jaguars are both elegant and powerful. 

The difference between leopards and jaguars can be mainly observed in their physical characteristics, but they also differ in habitat and behaviour.

These two big cats have other distinguishing behaviors. If big cats had superhero personas, leopards would be Spider-Man and jaguars would be Aquaman. Leopards are the only wild cats that are known to drag their meals into trees.

They do this to protect themselves and their food from lions and other predators who would try to steal it. The jaguar’s “superpower” is that it's the most aquatic of all seven big cat species. They can thrive in a variety of wet habitats.

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