Expert Alleges Whom Ruto Might Pick To Head The Inquiry On Corruption if He Becomes President

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DP William Ruto. Photo Courtesy

Governance expert and Kenya Kwanza member Dennis Nthumbi has vehemently disagreed with the notion that William Ruto is not keen on fighting corruption. Nthumbi has said that Ruto will prioritize fighting corruption should he win the 9th August general elections. One of his tasks as commander in chief will be to form an inquiry to investigate corruption in government.

Ruto caused mixed reactions when he said that he will probe state capture once he becomes president. This was seen by many to mean that he might investigate President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government. Nthumbi has said though that is not the case. He has explained that Ruto will form a quasi-judicial public inquiry.

Showing that Ruto is not on a witch-hunt mission, Nthumbi has said that the inquiry team will be led by the judiciary. He has also said that it will be inquisitorial rather than adversarial. This means that the public inquiry committee will not be out to target any individual.

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