Skeem Saam|| Khwezi was planning how to fake mourn Lehasa without confirming his death

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As soon as Khwezi saw Mapitsi's article about the death of Lehasa, she knew that her mission was completed. But she was wrong, yet she didn't know. She wore a black outfit to show that she was mourning. She went to the mirror and started practicing how she will cry when she gets around people especially uncle Phomolo so that he wouldn't see her real agenda.

She cried several times until she got to a point where she convinced her self that she had lost a loved one. She then took her bag preparing to go and claim SAFTA since Lehasa was dead. She knew that she hit the jackpot.

She had everything planned out and all that was left for her was to get Lehasa's death certificate. Little did she know that she counted her chickens before they hatched. Lehasa is not dead but rather alive and stable in the hospital.


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