Meet Vyone okwara of Citizen TV Away From Television (Photos)


Vyone okwara is one of the most respected and sought after talents in the Kenyan media industry. It is however surprising to note that she never studied journalism but studied microbiology from Jomo Kenyatta University.

Vyone found herself a career in journalism where she began with a children show in KBC and now she is a house hold name.

Vyone is one person who has really kept her life private. We would all see her on TV but her after life is less known. Most people just hear that she got married to Andrew but few people saw or witnessed since it was a private wedding.

Okwara was born on 16th march 1983 as vyone okwara Buliba Matole. She is the last born in a family of three children however, her elder brother passed on years ago after suffering from German measles. Albert passed on at the age of 5o years.

Most people think that Okwara is either a kisii or luo but her tribe is luhya and she knows how to speak it well.

Buliba together with her husband live in a fancy house, a hose they love to call their retirement home. They haven’t been blessed with any kids yet.

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