Man 'Takes' His Neighbor's Wife After Finding Out That His Own Wife Had An Affair With The Neighbor


Photo Courtesy. Images were taken from previous incidents.

Over the years, Kakamega county has built a strong reputation as far as Marital controversies are concerned. In the previous years, there have been several incidents of Men exchanging their partners after finding out that they were interested in each other's partner. 

A similar incident has now been reported in Kakamega after a Man by the name of Oti, successfully convinced his Neighbor's wife to bed him as a retaliation strategy against his neighbor who had been having an affair with Oti's wife. 

According to a report by Radio citizen, trouble started when Oti found a text message in his wife's phone from his neighbor. An argument ensued between the couple and the Said neighbor. It was settled that the two men should exchange wives instead of fighting each other to death. 

An arrangement was made with the two wives exchanged successfully. According to a witness, the two spent the night together. The union between the two however did not last after the Neighbor came back the next day demanding his wife back. It took the intervention of locals to separate the two who had been boiling with temper. 

The incident happened on the eve of Easter. 

Here is the part of the news report by Radio citizen. 

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