Delay Sends An Important Message Across


"You don't need a friend in this our industry", Deloris Crimping Manso who's popularly known as Delay on her show sends important message across. She revealed that, mother, sister or brother should be your friend.

According to the TV presenter, she didn't know until she had a very hard way in the industry. She stated that , the way celebrities are now fighting on social media nowadays is so embarrassing. "Delay said"

Delay added that, open your eyes and be wise up because no friend will pray for you to be come more wealth than him.

I once remembered my mother told me friends not trustworthy of which I couldn't believe until I had a very hard way. Delay laments

She explained that, what's going on in social media and even the industry is so embarrassing and she urged Ghanaians to be eyes open and wise up especially in the industry.