Here are 4 ANC signs with funny spelling errors that may make you laugh. Opinion.

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At election time, supporters of every major political party can be seen out and about. Throughout South Africa, they have been holding rallies, hanging up posters, and disseminating leaflets to convince voters that they are the finest political party to lead the country. However, some very funny gaffes can be made by humans at this moment. Here are five examples of amusing misspellings that appeared in ANC campaign materials. 

While expanding South Africa's economy is crucial, the means by which this is accomplished are more crucial still. The intent of this was for us to work together to strengthen our nation, but the comically incorrect spelling of "Togher" makes the entire point moot. What's worse is that it's not some obscure flier; it's a massive billboard in the middle of the road. 

There are typos that can be reduced to a single letter. Expo-goers were supposed to know where they could eat thanks to this sign posted around the venue. Unfortunately, the correct "Dining Facility" was changed to the nonsensical "Dinning Facility" by the addition of just one letter. 

When participating in a March or other form of protest, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal is to have your concerns heard and addressed. As a result, a big banner was created to convey the message that underprivileged communities require improved services during this ANC march. The word "Areas" was bizarrely spelt as "Arears," which is obviously incorrect. Which, frankly, I'm not even convinced is a real word. 

In recognition of Cyril Ramaphosa's service as one of South Africa's presidents, this banner was created. However, the article jokingly referred to him as South Africa's "Third" president. 

All of these memes were created in good fun and are not meant to be offensive in any manner. Let me know what you think of these insights in the comments, and be sure to follow me for more breaking lifestyle news.


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