Security Services Forms Short Codes and Effective Dates Released: No Need to Go to The Bank

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Majority of Ghanaians have been seeking for jobs for sometime now. Most of them have graduated from several Universities and other tertiary institutions, looking for work.

When students get out of school, their parents or guardians and other caretakers become glad. They become glad in the first place for the fact that they do not need to make much expenses on their education anymore. They could now limit their budget allocation to their siblings or other relatives that need help in education.

Secondly, they become glad because once they have completed a tertiary institution, they become fit for the job market. If they are able to acquire a job that would earn them their own income, it would not only benefit these students, but their siblings and other relatives. Most parents expect that after they have catered for their wards to complete their education and they have got a job, their wards would assist them financially, whenever necessary.

It becomes so sad not only for the parents, but also the students who happen to complete their tertiary education especially, but could not find a job to do. Some of these students could suffer lots of humiliation from their siblings and other relatives. Others get depressed and if care is not taken, they indulge into activities that would not benefit them, just to get some income.

Majority of the citizens of Ghana rely on the government to provide jobs for them. Some citizens also rely on their skills and abilities to establish job opportunities that are legal and attractive. The companies they manage to establish in order to provide these job opportunities become private institutions, and they seek to provide services to other citizens in order to gain something in return.

Some citizens prefer to work in the private institutions while others prefer working in the public institutions.

In order to be able to work in the government owned public institutions, just like any other institution, vacancy needs to be declared in order to enrol citizens into these institutions for service.

Recently, it was reported that the recruitment process for the Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Prisons, Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Immigration Service has began. Interested applicants were called upon to apply in order to get the chance of being enlisted into the service.

Members of the immigration service image below.

Members of the Ghana Police Service image below.

Members of the Ghana Fire Service and Prisons Service image below.

Individuals interested in being recruited are supposed to visit the Ghana Commercial Bank in order to purchase their forms. However, since technology is advancing and many now use their phones for transactions, these short codes have been developed to ease access to the forms. This means that one does not have to visit the bank if one does not wish to. Below are the short codes for the various institutions and their effective dates.

Do you think that these codes are going to be of help to many?



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