Zuma’s Followers Turned Into A Laughing Stock After People Noticed This On Their Photo

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When it comes to Jacob Zuma's supporters, they are the ones that refuse to back down, no matter how difficult the situation appears to be. If you say anything negative about Zuma on social media, you will be interrogated and mocked by his followers, who are everywhere. They demonstrated their allegiance to him at the time he was apprehended. Many people turned their backs on him, hoping that it would be the end of him, but his devoted supporters stood by him. Carl Niehaus and other RET members, some of whom are detained while protesting for his release, are among those who have spoken out in support of him. Zuma's followers have demonstrated their affection and allegiance for him in a variety of ways. 

Many people vowed that they would never allow police to arrest Zuma while they were present. This was before Zuma was apprehended. Duduzile, his daughter, is among those who have promised their allegiance. In a tweet, she stated that the police would have to first arrest the entire Zuma family before arresting Jacob Zuma himself. It was quite amusing because all of the people who had threatened him prior to his arrest were completely silent once he was taken into custody.

Following are photographs of two young males that were taken before Zuma was apprehended and charged with murder. They were holding signs that read, "Kill us before you arrest Jacob Zuma" when the photographs were taken. The second one added, "arrest corrupt judges immediately." Following Zuma's arrest and subsequent release, these photographs are beginning to gain popularity. Take a look at the photographs below: 

These two young lads became laughing stock after these images went viral because they wanted Jacob Zuma to be killed and they pledged that they would never allow him to be arrested, but they are still alive and well today. Some of the Twitter users who commented on the post implied that they must be embarrassed about what they didn't accomplish during the contest. They were ridiculed and interrogated for going to such lengths to support Zuma. Take a look at some of the comments below. 




All of this was nothing more than empty threats. One thing that can be said about Zuma's supporters is that they are not easily defeated. We observed their determination to devastate the country for Zuma during the riots and looting that took place in July following Zuma's arrest and subsequent detention. Zuma is, without a doubt, adored.

Source: https://twitter.com/nhleiks5/status/1484643796310761474?s=21

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