9 Things A Man Should Never Have In His Bedroom

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1. Smell

It speaks volumes as a man if you still have problems with stinks in your room. Shows how immature you are and how you still keep to your childish ways.

It also shows that your health is nothing but a joke. This is a complete turn-off for both genders.

Do not solely depend on air refresher.

2. Anything of potential sexiness

There should be no signs of pomade, sprays roll on, or whatever have you in your bedroom. Do not keep pictures, tissues, cups, or teddy bears in your room, it's not cool.

You are not a girl!

3. Too many blank walls

You can have art on your empty room walls, something cool above your bed, or on the ceiling.

4. Do not have your mattress on the floor

Guys, this is so lame to do. I don't know how many of the girls out there doing this but hey, you can do better.

Get a bed frame to keep your mattress above the floor. Also, your bed sheets can't be cheap, be expensive in all your dealings guys.

You can't have a lady visiting you only to see you are using some cheap bedsheets, this includes your pillow cases too. You can't expect her to think highly of you afterward.

One more thing, have more than a pillow in your room. 3 or 4 should be okay.

5. A bunch of personal kinds of stuff laying around.

You can't have your wristwatch, wallet, and shoes placed anywhere. Yes, it is your room but you should have a place you keep this personal outing stuff.

6. Dirt and dust

Won't talk much about this. It is all about discipline.

7. Underwear and clothes

You know these things guys, compete with yourself to be a better person.

Stop slacking! Letting little prompting things slip your mind. Note that if you'd want to keep a laundry basket too, it should be in the closet.

8. Clothes and shoes you don't wear

Whether old or new clothes, get a kid and give them to him. Don't hang on to a shirt or shoe because it's sentimental. Donate them to a charity home.

9. Cables

In setting up a place you want to stay, don't have too many wires or cables laying around from the tv, decoders, etc.

That's all for today, light up guys!

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