" My little brother is deep into drugs" a sad woman narrates

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There are many reasons that teens and young adults get involved in drugs, and unfortunately, there are many instances in which the root of substance use goes much deeper than " experimentation".

Some of the reasons may be in attempt to fit in, making friends and establishing oneself at school can be difficult for adolescents. The teenage years often come with many insecurities, low self - esteem, and fear of not being accepted, to feel better because they might be battling something deeper than peer pressure. Some are suffering from deep - seated conditions like depression, social anxiety, and stress - related disorders.

The young woman right here narrated how her younger brother is deep into drugs and the sad part is that the drugs are negatively affecting his working life as he is no longer going to work , but when he leaves at home he says he is going to work but he never does. By looking at her post one can sense how hurt she is. People also shared how they are also facing the same issue. Read the comments down below:



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