HTML Meaning and Feature of HTML.

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HTML means Hypertext Markup Language

Having known the meaning of HTML and that it makes some percentage of the front end of the website you might also know the features of this HTML.

Features of HTML

1. It is the easiest to learn in the field of web development and the easiest to understand by any beginner in web development.

2. It is a markup language and provides a flexible way to design a web page along with the text.

3. HTML provides the programmer an anchor tag which the programmer adds to the webpage for easy navigation by the user.

4. HTML display on any platform like Windows, Linus, etc.

5. HTML allows the programmer to add Graphics, Sounds, and Videos which makes the web page more interactive and attractive.

6. HTML is case insensitive which means it does not matter if you use capital letters or not, but it is advisable to use lower case letters so that they can be read easily.

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