The 'Nigeria Maritime University's Student That Died Yesterday, See The Truth Behind His Death


A student of the Nigerian Maritime University, identified as Uhi Emmanuel died yesterday on Monday, 8, 2021.

According to reports, the cadet was critically ill and was taken to a nearby hospital in Benin city where he was pronounced dead by the medical doctor.

It was reported that his fellow students and classmates took to the school's campus to protest the death of Uhi Emmanuel.

But what was the cause of his death? Well, let's see.

See The Truth Behind The Death Of The NMU Student

According to sources from the University, the student died as a result of medical negligence from the school's authority.

It was reported that Uhi Emmanuel was asked to go for a COVID-19 test by the University's health care facility, after he (student) failed to respond to treatment.

However, Emmanuel wasn't given a letter from the school's authority on his way to the other hospitals, and as such, was denied attention by most of the hospitals he went to.

Uhi Emmanuel was later taken to a hospital in Benin by his friends. But it was too late as the student was pronounced dead.

According to the diagnosis from the hospital in Benin, Uhi Emmanuel died from expired medications.

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