Tips on How to Find Happiness in Your Career


Kenya is one of the developing countries in Africa, but however, it has been seriously been affected by the epidemic crisis which has led to the production of losses in the economic performance dropping the microeconomic environment invested positively and also has risen to inequality and healthy defects in peoples lives. It has been the most difficult and hard recent times for Kenyans history as balancing life in every perspective has been out of mark. Employment opportunities have stuck more Kenyans and they have engaged in different things their career does not fit. People have lost hope in getting jobs where enjoying their life has been a problem.

Getting rid of this issue, you can engage in your career enhancing the touch of happiness through the following ways;

1.Find a Similar Career You can Enjoy

Definitely for some people, getting a job is easier because of their useful skills, their passion, interests, and commitment to personal satisfaction. Even though some of the jobs are so tiresome with long working hours, you can be smart and try to look at yourself and while at job make or find something that can make you feel good every day at work.

2.Develop a Plan or Goal

For you to pursue your career, it is good to set some goals so as to achieve your set goals. Opportunities are more valuable when you make use of your skills and when you are so determined and in control of your career, it sure that you will reap great fruits and you will be likely to be satisfied and you will be in a very pleasant working environment.

3.Never Engage in Negativity

First of all, it is better to keep commitments you can achieve to avoid unwanted cases like stress or unhappiness, arrange your work and organize yourself so as to manage the schedules you will be handling. Stop worrying about incomplete work create enough time to avoid excuses and discouraging consequences. Toxic environment no matter how much you avail to your work, you can not feel comfortable at all, also avoid gossip, unhealthy work situations, peer relationships as far as you can. Engage with people of positive and acknowledging minds that can bring better change in the country.

4.Avoid Conflict

Considering a better future, seek encouragement from people who have engaged in similar business and learn more about how to interact and make a friendly environment for business. Developing a professional encouraging environment improves and also creates more opportunities for you and your job will be so successful according to how you make valid choices.

For better convenience, below are a few tips that can help when applying for the job whether online or offline.

1.Use a Valid Email

Your email should be valid enough for enhancing professionalism and to aid your application not to be avoided or rejected. Some of the emails may include, Gmail or Outlook that shows the details of your name.

2.Update Your Profile

Ensure you have the correct details and should be updated to the current date. Accurate information helps in determining how serious you are and in consideration during accessing this aspect may be so helpful.

3.Choose Readable Font

In order to attract you, client, your CV should be with a clear font that can be seen and read in an easy way, be concrete rather than being so general, use humble and polite language in order to win that opportunity.

About job description, use simple subtitles for example;

1.Personal profile

2.Academic background




You can refine your resume, take time to go through your resume not to forget the best features too, and if you do consider these tips they will help you.


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