Daily Habits That Causes Infertility In Men


Everyone will always want children in any given marriage setup. Many families however are childless just because the husband may have a low sperm count and therefore it becomes a reality that siring children may become a challenge.

Apart from that our own lifestyle may also lead to horrible conditions and as well change our expectations to have children. The following are some of lifestyles that can lead to childlessness:

1. Having laptops on the thighs for long

Staying with a laptop for long as a habit in men is dangerous to ones level of fertility. The heat produced by the laptop warms up the genitals to temperatures that are too high for the formation of sperms.

2. Eating too much chapattis

Eating too much chapattis is another dangerous habit that men should avoid. This is because chapattis contain gluten compound. Gluten is a dangerous chemical that cause some allergies to some people.

The compound has been reported to be one of the main cause of lower sperm counts leading to a condition called oligospermia.

3. Sitting on warm seats for long

This is yet another dangerous habit that should be avoided by men. An example of this situation is with the long distance truck drivers. The heat from the seats raises up the temperatures to higher levels that cannot allow for the formation of sperms.

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