Mixed Reactions As Nandi Bodaboda Operators Burnt Down A Private Car Following A Road Accident

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Mixed reactions after bodaboda operators burned down a private vehicle alleged to have knocked down one of their own.

The incident which happened Lessos in Nandi county has elicited reactions among kenyans who have condemned the incident.

According to angry kenyans they alleged that the move by bodaboda operators to burn the vehicle is uncalled for.

The kenyans further added that the use of violence by bodaboda to solve dispute is uncalled for as they could have used the legal way.

The Lessos centre came to limelight few months ago after the residents burnt down police station including police houses after police officer killed a local which triggered confrontations between the residents and police.

The bodaboda who have been hail for playing a major role in economic sector through their transportation as been also regarded as a time bomb on how they handle the matters as they use violence 

Kenyans have been calling upon the government to step in so as to assist to tame the menace in bodaboda sector which has put the sector in negative perspective

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