An arm robber was burnt to death when the police arrived(see details)


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Robbery is one of the jobs that has influenced and has impart on many youth across the country,which has caused and still causing mysterious death to many youth in this country.A guy is dead just this afternoon because of robbery,this has sent this guy into his early grave.Phoebe is one of the harden arm robbers in Accra,he Started his robbery caree when he was staying with his grandmother in the village,this boy received series of advice from his grandmother but felt into deaf ears.This boy stayed with his grandmother for almost seventeen years.

In the village he used to steal folks items but they always put consideration to his grandmother.Instead of them to arrest the boy,they always leave him because of his grandmother.This attitude grew up in the guy to a certain level which made him left the village for greener pastures in the city.The city that the boy found himself in was Accra.When this boy came,he involved himself with some gangs who are better in the job than him,so through out that,he also upgraded himself to be like oneday the gang went to rob a certain prominent person,not knowing that the person is being surrounded by securities,although they were able to take all that they wanted to take yet they were caught but it was only Phoebe who could not escape from the men,so this led the area boys tied him in a car tyre and burnt him,when the police arrived,he was already burnt into ashes.Please send your comments,likes and share this article.

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