Ugly Incident As Five Passengers Died In A Vicious Road Accident

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A vicious road accident which happened in Kajiado county has caused the dead of five passengers and others were left in a very serious conditions.

The accident happened in Kajiado county after a head on collision between two vehicles. One vehicle was trying to over take other cars. The two vehicles were moving at a high speed

The police officers were called. They rushed to the scene where they found residents gathered on the road side. 

The bodies had been covered with leaves. The police officers took the bodies of the dead to the nearby morgue while others were taken to the hospital to get treatment.

According to the report from the police officers, some people died in the spot while others succumb to their injuries in hospital 

The police officers took the vehicles which were involved in accident to the police station . 

The police officers are going on with investigations . kindly stay tuned for more information.

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