Natasha Thahane Reveals How She Got Funding From Baleka Mbethe That Got People Talking || See Why

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It has now been a day and counting since the well-known actress by the name of Natasha Thahane has been part of the online interview at MacG Podcast and Chill which is hosted by Macgyver. Thahane was interviewed to share her experience about the life she experienced during her acting career and her upbringing.

People were shocked and amazed by the life she has shared on the podcast until she revealed very sensitive information about her funding. This is because the way she got her funding for the acting course was very strange and odd as she described that she used one of her aunt's connections who was the parliament speaker in 2016.

Thahane revealed that her aunt Baleka Mbethe used her resources and connections to fund her acting course as she was the only person to fund her. People are now talking and asking themselves if she had revealed such information as it is very sensitive. This is because is not always the case that people who benefited from such connections could reveal such information to the public.

Natasha Thahane in the interview didn't reveal enough information on her relationship with Thembinkosi Lorch as she found it that Lorch is the one that can answer the question. She continued to reveal that Baleka Mbethe her aunt used her power to negotiate with the Department of Arts and Culture to assist her without going through the required procedure.

This is where the process to approve funding was a success as Thahane was able to finish her acting course which was too expensive for her to complete. It seems to prove that anyone who has an aunt or any family member in the government can easily benefits as they have all the powers to influence any funding.

What is your intake on this and why?

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