Agradaa Is 'Azar' And Will Pay For Her Crimes Even After 30 Years, I Promise-Radio Host Oheneba Hint


It seems prominent people in Ghana's society are still not convinced that the embattled fetish priestess has truly and remorsefully reverted from fetishism and converted to Christianity accepting wholly Jesus Christ as her redeemer into her life.

Top celebrities and journalists are still criticising what they deem as a smart move by Patience Asiedua to extort money this time round not from her idols premises but from the church building because she has realized that is where she can continue duping innocent people.

One of such journalist is Oheneba Boamah Bennie of a popular radio station based in Accra, he has lambasted agradaa and called for her arrest. He Indicated in a live social media post that, in Ghana anybody who wants to escape Justice associate him or herself to 'bigmen' or people of authority after committing crimes.

He has opined that Agradaa is fake and upon realizing the church is the place to make money, she has diverted her attention to the church just to continue scamming people. He made some important points by asking who establishes church after being born again and call for media briefing.

He admonished Ghanaians who will like to attend Agradaa church and expressed his sympathy to them. He concluded by saying "Agradaa will surely pay for her crimes even after 30 years and that is a promise I am making."

You can watch the full video here