"If I Miss Church Make Corona Kill Me" Nigerian Man Says Despite Government Warning Against Church

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Nigerians are very funny set of people, some Nigerians think thus Coronavirus problem the world is facing is something to play with.

An unbothered Nigerian man has said he would be attending Church service today despite a ban on religious gatherings of more than 20 persons, in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus in Lagos state. 

Twitter user, @JamesEJ04457498 wrote : 'I entered overload taxi 7times today I sold my Good's today touching everyone that comes to buy as am tweeting am in a crowd of more than 50 and so on I haven't contacted it then it's only when I go to church I will die. Let me die there.

If I miss church tomorrow make corona kill me.' he added in another Tweet.

James Johnson was reacting to a Tweet that warned people of the danger of going to church as cases of coronavirus in Nigeria are increasing by the day.  

The state government had placed a ban on gatherings of more than 20 persons after 10 more cases of Coronavirus were confirmed in the country on Saturday.

This morning, three new cases were confirmed in Lagos state, bringing the total number of persons with the virus in Nigeria to 25. 

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