Declare these prayer points for job seekers


Here are 10 prayer points for job seekers, the earth is the Lord's and it's fullness thereof.anything we ask the Lord for faith is able to do anything for you desire a job?are you an unemployed graduate? its time for you to go on your knees and ask the Lord for his favour as you go out in search for your dream jobs.

1.oh Lord,pull me out of the web of joblessness and unemployment in Jesus name.amen

2.All reproach of joblessness in my life shall come to an end this month in Jesus name.amen.

3.i cast out every spirit of near success sydrome in my life in Jesus name.

4. I declare that everywhere I placed my cv, I shall receive good news in Jesus name.

5. I decree concerning my job, I shall receive phone calls and texts messages of good news in Jesus mighty name.amen.

6.oh Lord , favour me, before every job interview panel in Jesus mighty name.

7.oh Lord , direct my steps to the right job offers and opportunities in Jesus name.

8.oh Lord ,in my desperation,do let me fell victim of fraudulent job opportunities in Jesus mighty name.

9.oh Lord ! You are make a way where there is no way, create job opportunities for me in Jesus name.

10.oh Lord, show me what I need to do to get a job this month in Jesus mighty name . amen.