7 Ways To Style Your Boyfriend's Shirt Perfectly

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When it comes to dressing up for tomboy girls, shirts have always been quite stylish. But shirts are considerably more than you may have previously imagined. As if your own skirt collection wasn't enough, your boyfriend's shirts come in a variety of styles that you might like trying on.

So, if you have a gorgeous guy who has no qualms about sharing a shirt, simply take one of them and search up these styles to try on.

Your lover will not be able to take his gaze away from you, let alone be concerned about his own clothes, because you are chic and pep to the max. What could be better? You don't have to go out and buy one for the next time!! 

So, here are some stunning styles you may wear this summer with your boyfriend's shirt. If you're lucky enough to be single, you might want to get a size larger than usual to have these on hand.

1. The Knot Design 

Simply choose a stylish shirt from your darling's closet, roll up the sleeves, and tie it at the breast or waist. Pair this look with a pair of high-waisted shorts or pants. You could also wear this with a big dress. You might not think it looks boyish, but it's all the rage right now. 

2. The Tuck in Half 

With shirts that don't cling to you and are relatively loose, a half tuck always looks perky. Your man's shirt would be ideal for tucking one side into your jeans while leaving the other out. Make a fashion statement with statement jewelry.

3. Transform into peplums 

Oversized shirts work best as peplums when paired with a slim belt. To make a peplum top, simply belt the shirt at the waist and fold the remaining portion of the garment in half. 

To achieve the same effect, pleat the shirt on the belt side. 

Combine it with a clingy skirt or pants and you're ready to take on the world! 

4. Tuck with a cross wrap 

While we showed you how to do a cross tuck with a shirt, your boyfriend's shirt is ideal for a neat tuck. Simply tuck your shirt inside your skirt or high-waisted pants by crossing it at the waist. 

For a stylish look, leave the upper buttons open.

5. Skirts with bows 

You may not have considered it, but this is incredible. Simply put on the shirts and button them all the way up to the waist, tying a bow with the sleeves. 

6. Make a dress out of it 

Wrap a loose shirt around your waist and wear it like a dress. To build a lovely dress out of your boyfriend's t-shirt, follow these steps. 

7. Build Up Your Layers 

This summer, layers are all the rage to keep you cool in the sweltering heat. Keep the shirt open for an extra layer and dress it up with a big belt.

Follow up for more fashion updates.

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