Mighty Show as Ruto Unveils The Number of UDA Politicians Who Made a Public Appearance to His Rally

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An update on Ruto's Facebook page reveals that the second in command has continued with his display of numbers as he published the number of politicians who thronged his rally today before settling in his Mega rally in Bungoma. This a clear indication of the numbers game he continues to portray in his tour.

Ruto who ganged up with his rivals to form a new coalition is currently the most popular candidate in the country. This is according to the latest ranking in terms of pills which were recently released by the one of the leading opinion polls organisations in the country.

In the post Ruto revealed that the number was over 20 and the ANC and Ford Kenya Leaders while the rest of the team was busy in the grounds where the home to Ruto's today's Rally was happening. So far Ruto has held successful rallies as they continue to woe voters.

Below are some images from the venue;

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