The man who has been living in the forest for 40 years is about to return to his hometown.


It is preferable to return to where you came from rather than live in a strange land and accomplish nothing and die impoverished there if your travel to find a better life somewhere does not workout for you. Most often people who travel to other places can not attain the better life they came all the way from their hometown to have, it's quite difficult for them to return home empty-handed to their loved ones because they feel embarrassed.

Mr Mumuni traveled to Kumasi in search of a better life in Kumasi, but things did not go as planned, and he ended up living in a forest in Asante Akyem north for more than forty years, never returning to his family in Wa. Mr Mumuni claims that he was unable to return to Wa because circumstances become so difficult for him that he couldn't even afford transportation, forcing him to live in the forest to survive.

However, when the news of his condition became public, it touched many people's hearts because they imagined how sad it would be for one man to be alone in a forest with no one to help him. As a result, many people decided to assist him in getting out of the forest so that he could return home to his friends and family who are waiting for him in Wa.

Some people even visited him in the deep forest and provided him with a large bag containing a variety of garments, shoes, belts, and other items so that he may change out of his old clothes and put on new ones, which he did. They also handed him a sum of money to spend on whatever he wanted, such as medicines and food, and provided him with funds to help him get back to his hometown.

Other people who heard about his miserable situation in the forest also offered him a free place to stay in Kumasi as well as work to do. Mr Mumuni expressed his gratitude for the gifts and suggested that he will first make the necessary preparations to return back to Wa then assured that when he returns, he will not stay in the forest again, but will instead stay in Kumasi and do the work that had been offered to him.


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