They Were Going To Tax Bank Transactions - Jennifer Queen Exposes The NDC's Initial Plan On E-levy

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Jennifer Queen, the Deputy National Communications Director of NADMO has revealed another secret about the NDC concerning e-levy. She reveals that the same NDC that fights the e-levy have already had this thoughts in their plans for the country.

Here's what she had to say:

"NDC is damn wicked. Going to page 99 of their manifesto, they have something called e-transaction they were planning to tax Ghanaians if they had won the elections two years ago."

"They were going to tax bank transactions. So, does that mean that the NDC does not know the difference between e-levy and e-transaction? They speak of things they don't know of. Ghanaians would have been crying after 3 months of electing the NDC."

She finally completed her words by say:

"When John Agyekum Kuffour finished his works, he left with 1 dollar equals 1 cedis."

Thus, the NPP will not leave the country in shambles but to an elevated height and to a level ground so that the citizenry will not suffer.

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