"So Far So Good" Remember The 2 Men Who Exchanged Wives, See How They Have Been Doing


Over the years, mysterious things have been happening in Western Kenya. A good example was when two men exchanged wives through a mutual agreement that was overseen by the area chief who was identified as Chief Wafula

When asked why they pulled this move, the two men said that they were in search of happiness that their former wives could not offer. One of thr participants of this deal was Christopher Bere who was given Lilian Weta as his new wife.

During a previous interview, Christopher expressed his satisfaction following the wives swap deal after she was given Lilian Weta and gave out his former wife, Immaculate.

Christopher also confirmed that the other couple that is Lilian's ex-husband and Immaculate are also happily married. Both of them had children from their previous marriages.

In accordance to the their agreement, the two new couples get a chance to meet their children at Busia's Children Department monthly

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