Effective Ways To Use Garlic To Help Regulate High Blood Pressure

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Garlic has natural characteristics that make it effective against both germs and fungi. It has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, protect against cancer as well as a number of cardiovascular disorders, and at the same time work as a blood thinner. In Western countries, approximately one in three persons are diagnosed with the illness known as high blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension. It considerably raises a person's risk of heart disease and stroke despite the fact that it frequently does not come with any symptoms.

Garlic is one of the natural remedies that is gaining popularity as a possible alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for high blood pressure because of its potential to lower blood pressure without the risk of adverse consequences. In this post, we will be discussing effective ways to use garlic for lowering blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Our discussion will be based on research that was conducted at the Mayo Clinic.

Garlic should be eaten raw and fresh.

It has been shown that garlic can help reduce blood pressure, which is just one of its many recognized health benefits. Studies that supply an adequate quantity of allicin to participants are the ones that reveal a good benefit from garlic and garlic products. Readings of blood pressure decreased with typical reductions of 11 mm Hg for the systolic and 5.0 in the diastolic within a period of one to three months in studies that were conducted with garlic preparations that provided a daily dose of at least 10 mg allicin. These results were found in double-blind studies. Consume between one and four fresh garlic cloves every day to receive the required amount of allicin. Add minced fresh garlic to your salad dressing in the evening when you have dinner if you want to avoid having garlic breath in public.

Garlic powder

According to WebMD, consuming garlic on a regular basis can have the effect of reducing one's blood pressure. A drop in elevated blood pressure of approximately 9–12 percentage points can be expected from the use of approximately 600–900 milligrams of garlic powder. There are 3.6 mg of allicin in a dose of 600 mg of garlic powder, and there are 5.4 mg of allicin in a dose of 900 mg.

Tea with Garlic

First, chop anywhere from one to three fresh garlic cloves. Bring a single glass of water to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the garlic that has been chopped. After waiting for five minutes, the tea should be strained. To enhance the flavor of the tea, add one teaspoon of honey to the pot. Consume one cup of this garlic tea every day as a preventative measure against developing hypertension.

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