Are You Tired of Slow Network? Here is How to Upgrade Your Phone Network to Browse Faster


Sometimes, because our phone networks are slow because of the area in which we live or the nature of our mobiles or smartphones, we don't enjoy the data or the airtime we buy.

Here you will learn how to upgrade your phone network so that you can browse faster and faster; no software, no programming, just a set of codes is all you need, and I'll show you how to do that in the steps below.In this article,How to upgrade the network?

er the code 44636 so that you don't miss any numbers or characters if it doesn't work. 

4. I didn't show those here which were only for phone owners. After that, some important things will be displayed on your phone.

5. You will see so much. Just walk down and see "set your preferred type of network." 5.

6. When you open it, a list of networks will drop down. You will choose the one that is the best (3G/4G or both 2G/3G and 4G). Later on, you can thank me.

NB: Not all phones work, but most phones work.


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