Funny Video: Reactions As A Video Of A Fearless Cock Fighting Domestic Turkeys Surfaces Online


A very funny video which is also motivating has surfaced online. The video shows a Cockerel engaged in a fight with up to 10 Turkeys. The turkeys came out in their numbers to challenge the cock which was very prepared and eager to fight them.

Against all expectations, the cock refused to run when it saw the turkeys matching towards it in their numbers. The angry cock lowered its head with its feathers raised above its skin as a sign of anger and readiness for the fight.

The turkeys attacked the cock but the fearless cock fought them back. It attacked them while taking cover so that another turkey will not attack it from behind. The brave and fearless cock fought to the end of the fight without running away.

Many people have reacted to the video. Most of them found it funny, while some others find it motivating. See their comments.

The video is very funny because of the way the cock singlehandedly faced and fought the turkeys numbering up to 10 without fear. It is as if motivational speakers motivated it with their motivational speeches.

Apart from being funny, the video is motivating. It means you can do anything without fear. The most important thing to conquer in life is fear and doubt. If you can remove fear, your are likely going to defeat your enemies just like the cock did.

Watch the video here and tell us what you think about the bravery of the cock.

Picture used for illustration purposes only.