Opinion: A constant reminder to all social grant beneficiaries regarding October payment dates

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The SASSA department has helped thousands of people with a social grant meant for the poor, children, the disabled, the elderly and orphans.As more and more people find it difficult to find employment for some reason, they are forced to make ends meet through social grants.

The Covid-19 epidemic has also had a devastating effect on people who have lost their jobs and have been left to fend for themselves.

Much has changed here since the country was hit by the epidemic flu, as we have been aware of the fact that social grants have been received at the beginning of each month.SASSA department made decisions to change their payments dates following the deaths of people trampling on each other while collecting their social grants.

The department of SASSA announced changes regarding payment date on collecting social relief grants,they classified those who receive social grants according to their positions and health.

The SASSA office was then forced to delayed the payment of maintenance so that there will be no disruption when people are collecting their money.After all, it is very crowded on the days of social grants payment collection which causes a lot of bullying and some people are being robbed of their money, especially the elderly.

In recent days SASSA has released the October maintenance dates to remind people of the due dates for collecting their money.

When they released this calendar it seemed as if there was an error with the acquisition dates which confused many people,because some people were already having an idea of ​​when the money will be received, but when they saw that they have made a mistake they quickly corrected it.

This is a reminder to all social grants beneficiaries so that they do not get confused when it comes to collecting their grants.These are the days when they should start collecting their money

05 Older person grant

06 Disability grant

07 All other grants

Please remind everyone so that they do not waste their last cent tomorrow going to collect money that is not in yet.


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