Judges Of Our Military Era Were Bolder Than The Judges Of Our Democracy- Oliver Barker

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It has been the case that parties who usually lose and get defeated in court blame the judges presiding over the cases as being biased. It is very normal and okay to disagree with the ruling of any judge be it a Supreme Court judge or a High Court judge.

But it is very abnormal and wrong to go to the extent of making fallacious and derogatory allegations against the judges. Without proof or evidence, it is very wrong to accuse a judge of taking a bribe in order to give a favorable judgment to one party.

The lead convener of the Fix The Country Movement, Oliver Barker Vorwamor, regardless of his status as a learned lawyer, has come out with another allegation to reconcile his earlier experience today with the Family of Kaaka after the court issued an injunction against the celebration of the 1 year anniversary or commemoration of the Late Kaaka.

Oliver Barker was compelled to make this bold declaration that Judges of today have proven that the judges during the military era were bolder than them. He went ahead to question if this was related to the fact that they have been receiving bribes or if they are doing that in order to protect their position as Article 71 holders.

"Judges of our military era were bolder than the judges of our democracy. Why? Is it the love of money or just the goats? Are they protecting their Article 71? What makes them so subservient to power now?"


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