30-Year-Old Woman Who Suffers From Hole In Her Heart Narrates Story, Seeks Help

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A 30 years old woman, Adegbesan Damilola Adeshola suffers from hole in her heart and needs help to live a long and meaningful life. she was born with a hole in her heart and discovered this when she was much older as her parents did not know when she was young because there were no signs.

In an Interview with Legit Tv, she opened up about how she spent 10 million naira to give birth to her baby girl in 2020 despite being told she can't carry the baby to full term. Right now, Damilola needs money to perform an urgent heart surgery.

Damilola claims she started feeling the symptoms in 2015 and after series of tests, she got to know she has a heart disease that makes the blood pipe not to function as well as it should. Doctors advised surgery immediately but due to no funds she has been on medication.

In 2019, she got help from a friend who introduced to cano health foundation where she was able to raise funds but got disappointed when she was told the operation was a 50/50 chance and if she does it, it would be successful but the longevity will be short term. She was advised to wait for 2-3 years, then come back for the operation and with the support of the drugs that will be prescribed for her, the operation could go smoothly.

If she does not take her medication in 2-3 days she ends up in the hospital with swollen leg, bloating, shortness of breath and might have to be on oxygen for 2 days to get better. Damilola does not know how much the operation costs now but as at 2019, it was 8.6m naira while series of tests costs over 1.2m naira.

She feels this is the right time for her to give it a try as she suffered a health crisis all through 2021. Damilola wants her life back and through the help and support of Nigerians she can carry out the surgery in India.

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