Important: How To Prepare Adequately For The Oncoming 'Dumsor'


Important: How To Prepare Adequately For The Oncoming 'Dumsor'

The situation of load shedding in Ghana, has transcended from some previous governments to our current government, and is gradually becoming a worrisome situation year in year out.

The change in political parties is not the answer to the situation, looking at how the issue of load shedding has fared over the past ten years.

As Ghanaians, we are also role players in the current issue of power cut.

It is quite surprising how some households have adapted to illegal connection, forgetting this is one major cause of disruptions in ascertaining the actual rate at which electricity supply is utilized in the country.

The Electricity Company of Ghana has hinted on the emergence of another situation of load shedding popularly known as 'Dumsor'.

The scheduled timetable prepared by the company, is expected to take effect a week from today, and as a committed citizen of the country, I would like to share with readers, some effective ways to prepare adequately for the oncoming 'Dumsor' timetable.

Energy Conservation

This has to do with some essential ways to conserve electric power before, during and after there is power outage.

Since there will be power cut at specified a period of time, essentials like a power bank, rechargeable lamps and inculcating the habit of downloading battery saving apps on your mobile phones, before the power outages occur, should be considered as an efficient measure to help situations.

For workers who usually have to get their clothes neatly ironed, you can either choose to iron your clothes in bulk, a day or two before the power is taken.

In a situation where you don't have the time to do this, you can resort to using a 'box iron' or 'charcoal iron', if you usually wake up early before work.

With those who would like to operate businesses even when there is power cut, my advice is for you to get a very good stand-by generator, and a step-down transformer to help regulate power voltage, and avoid getting your appliances destroyed.

You can equally get a chargeable sound system that has different kinds of USB ports attached to it.

This will help you charge your phones and even laptops when there is a power outage.

As we get ready to enter a new month, I feel it will be appropriate to take note of these essential measures, to help citizens prepare adequately for the oncoming power cut, in order to avoid any inconvenience the situation may cause.