The majority can do all the talking but we will wait for them in the chamber.

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Yesterday was one of the memorable days in the history of Ghana politics and the parliamentary section. Indeed as a lot of people were enjoying the National Maths and Science quiz finals, the parliament was also in the section to finalize the debate on the 2022 budget.

From the onset of the reading of the budget by the finance minister, the minority group in parliament has made it clear that they will not support this budget as it will impose a burden on the good people of Ghana. One person who was very vocal on this matter was Honourable Sam George. Yesterday after the budget was rejected by parliament, he wrote on his social media page that " we the minority took a stand with the people of Ghana to reject a budget that had the obnoxious E-levy, increased government fees and Agyapa deal".

Many press conferences have been held by the majority in parliament stating that the budget will be revisited so people should keep in mind that it will be passed accordingly. These press conferences led Honourable Sam George to write not long ago on his social media handle that "you can call a 1000 press conferences and do all the tough posturing. When you finish, we are waiting for you in the Chamber".

I believe this budget matter is not ending any time soon. Let me know your thoughts on the budget rejection in the comment box.

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